About Roberto

“Jewellery challenges you to explore yourself, reflect on your journey and express your personality.”- Roberto Fioravanti 

Using ancient techniques that are nearly extinct today, Roberto Fioravanti has been hand crafting one of a kind jewellery pieces for over 3 decades. “Whether it is a $50, $500 or $5000 piece, each one is the unique product of many hours of work, created with intention and love.” 

Having begun as an apprentice under an Italian master in Milan, Nonno Gigi, Roberto continues to carry forward the meticulous beauty and timeless elegance of his craft since moving to Vancouver mid-career. 

Unlike many other jewellers, Roberto handcrafts each piece from scratch, using traditional techniques from beginning to end.The effect of the human hand over the sterile precision of mass production and the disjointed processes of specialists, creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are organic and spontaneous. The pieces express their beauty through simple hand cut lines and essential forms that are accentuated by flourishes of gold, diamonds and rich textures. 

For custom commissions, Roberto creates pieces where the designs arise through the emotions, wishes and stories elicited in the conversation with the client. In this way, each piece is unique and exclusive as it conveys the journey and personality of the wearer.

“I want my pieces to be alive with personality and independent from the context in which they are worn, yet symbiotic with the wearer. It is important for me to make jewels that my clients connect with, that have meaning” 

Roberto often strays from the paradigm of symmetry and ornate designs to play with proportions and spontaneous textures. In addition to high karat gold, silver, gems and diamonds, Roberto loves to play with tones provided by rose golds and silver darkened with patina. The deep textures, organic designs and spontaneity will stimulate your senses. 

Roberto is renowned for his rich, deep textures and the interplay between spontaneous, organic forms and the precision of his meticulous craftsmanship. More than just a fashionable accessory, each piece is created with a timeless elegance that can be worn and cherished for life, and passed on to future generations. 

Roberto lives with his wife and three children in Vancouver and works from his studio near the heart of the city.